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What is Self-Hosted WordPress?

Self-Hosted WordPress means you are picking where you want to host your WordPress website. It used to be that you would download WordPress and then install it at a hosting provider of your choice. That has since changed since almost all providers offer an installation solution.  By choosing to self-host your website you will have no limitations on installing or uploading plugins or themes for your site.

40% of the web uses WordPress, from hobby blogs to the biggest news sites.


Getting Started

Pick a Hosting Plan.

No matter how many sites you need hosting for we have a plan for you. Pick a plan that works for your needs and if we don't have one let us know and we can set up a custom plan just for you.

We install or migrate WordPress.

Once you have picked and plan and signed up we will begin installing WordPress or working with you to migrate over your existing site.

We send you your WordPress details.

After we have completed the setup we will send you over your WordPress details for you to access your site. You will not need to do anything to get your site up and running.

With over 55,000 plugins you can expand WordPress to whatever you need.


Limitless Creativity

You have full control over your design, customization, theme code changes, and you can install any plugin or theme.

Endless Possibilities

You can upload any premium theme or plugin you have purchased from any marketplace.

Make Some Money

All the e-commerce features you'll need to start, run, and expand your business in one location.

No Pesky Ads

When you self-host your website, unlike other hosting sites, there are no ads shown on it.

WordPress.org’s free theme directory has more than 5,800 free WordPress themes.


Powerful. Reliable. Afforable.

We love WordPress & we’re dedicated to the open-source community. Our plans start from as little as $4 a month.

WordPress has been chosen by over 60 million people to power there websites.


WordPress Hosting for Everyone.

Our hosting provides you a solid platform to create and grow your WordPress website. We offer the best options for hosting WordPress in one place so you can find the perfect plan for your needs.

WordPress can be installed in 5 minutes or less.



We understand that some people are fascinated with information and fine lines. Our hosting is incredibly easy to use. You sign up, and we install WordPress or migrate an existing site after we provide you with your username and password. 

Simple. Powerful.
Hosting, built for you.